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“We have been very happy with Creative Conferencing as our conference call provider and have been pleasantly surprised at how easy and helpful everyone there has been. Using conference calls keeps us in touch with one another whilst helping to keep travel costs down to a minimum. As the only costs you pay are for the time you are on the call we have been able to set up individual conf call numbers for all our management team to use, meaning they can set up their own calls as needed”

Connaught Compliance

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Creative Conferencing

Creative Conferencing offers the most competitive and simple to use audio conferencing solution in the market place today. Our promise of a flexible pricing structure that suits your organisations needs whilst not compromising on our quality of service is what makes Creative Conferencing a success. Our dedicated customer service & account management team will make any transition to the Creative Conferencing service efficient, seamless and cost effective.

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Reservationless Audio Conference Calls

The simplest and most common solution today for regular, everyday conference calls. There is no need to book these types of calls with us. Once you have your account details, the service is open for you to use 24/7x365.

  • One dedicated dial in number for your organisation
  • Each user will receive their own host & participant pincodes for life to use for their calls
  • Use our range of enhanced services such as Glance Web collaboration, Global Freephone numbers, record your calls and have them available for download/playback at a later date, SMS blast, mass invite options

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Operator Assisted Event Calls

These types of calls are suitable for larger more high profile conference calls. These event calls will need to be booked at least 24 Hours in advance with one of our team of professional operators at Creative Conferencing. Once booked, you will have the ability to carry out your critical calls with confidence.

  • Have a professional operator welcome, manage and oversee your critical event calls to hundreds of participants
  • Host Q&A sessions, dial out to participants, record & call replay availability, full transcription service of calls
  • Full management & tracking of participant lists
  • Creative Glance Web Conferencing collaboration

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Creative Conferencing is an established provider of the highest quality global audio conferencing solutions, currently servicing a client base ranging from SME’s to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Creative Conferencing has helped many organisations by supplying a market leading, state of the art solution to their conferencing requirements. This has enabled our clients to stay at the cutting edge of audio, web & video conferencing.

The team at Creative Conferencing has over a decades experience in providing full-service, customer-focused conferencing solutions. We know what is effective and we have the expertise to assist our clients to enhance their productivity & increase cost effectiveness for their business.

With more and more focus on the environment, the use of audio, web & video conferencing also plays a major part in cutting down on travel and CO2 emissions by bringing teams together virtually and effortlessly over the phone & web.

Present clients who benefit from using our state of the art service include Connaught Plc, NHS Shared Health Authorities, NHS Primary Care Trusts, Innospec Inc, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries, Scotland IS, Furukawa Electrics to name just a few.

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