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Global Access

Creative Conferencing can provide international dial in to participants dialing in from outside the UK through which they are able to join your UK conference. Participants are charged the standard international dial-in rate.

International Freephone Access & European Local Access
Creative Conferencing offers local rate & freephone dial-in access to your conferences from over 30 different locations across the globe.

For further information and a list of our European local access numbers that are available to use at no extra charge as well as a list of some of our most popular global Freephone destinations please click here.

A Global Presence

Creative Conferencing has built a global telecommunications network dedicated to ensuring that all critical systems are protected in the event of failure. The network provides our users with a reliable, high-capacity contingency option which ensures that calls are never dropped, since traffic is instantaneously and seamlessly rerouted in the event of localised POP failure.

Our strategic global partner has the largest global networks and as such is in a position to allow us to provide next generation services. Their global network spans across 150 countries over 6 continents and forms the backbone of our infrastructure & growth.

We maintain industry leading levels of reliability, employing redundant and diverse paths to avoid single points of failure and providing optimal routing & traffic flow.

Our network can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Where a local presence is not available Creative Conferencing has Virtual Points of Presence in major locations enabling seamless in-country conference provision.

Continuity of Operations

Our transport network is designed around a resilient fibre optic backbone based on SDH and SONET technologies within Europe and the USA respectively. This ensures the highest possible degree of network availability, providing our clients with reliability levels approaching 100%.

Our bridging components are exclusively sourced from Compunetix, one of the world’s largest providers of audio conferencing bridges. Each component enables the provision of large-scale, reliable collaborative teleconferencing services to telephone companies, PTTs and independent service bureaus, and are amongst the most resilient and feature-rich systems in the industry.


Creative Conferencing is an established provider of the highest quality global audio conferencing solutions, currently servicing a client base ranging from SME’s to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Creative Conferencing has helped many organisations by supplying a market leading, state of the art solution to their conferencing requirements. This has enabled our clients to stay at the cutting edge of audio, web & video conferencing.

The team at Creative Conferencing has over a decades experience in providing full-service, customer-focused conferencing solutions. We know what is effective and we have the expertise to assist our clients to enhance their productivity & increase cost effectiveness for their business.

With more and more focus on the environment, the use of audio, web & video conferencing also plays a major part in cutting down on travel and CO2 emissions by bringing teams together virtually and effortlessly over the phone & web.

Present clients who benefit from using our state of the art service include Connaught Plc, NHS Shared Health Authorities, NHS Primary Care Trusts, Innospec Inc, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries, Scotland IS, Furukawa Electrics to name just a few.

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