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Our services are provisioned on industry leading technologies backed by unparalleled customer service. At Creative Conferencing, we are dedicated to providing the no hassle service you deserve.

Creative Conferencing has multiple service locations in Europe and its primary call centre near London. All service delivery equipment is housed in separate secure data centres with full redundancy between centres. Each location benefits from dual routed network and power supplies. For resilience, locations share the same customer database, providing a full disaster recovery facility in the very unlikely event that one of the centres does go down.

With your Creative Conferencing account you can:

Host conference calls without the need to pre-book

Creative Conferencing lets you make your conference calls whenever it suits you - no need to book. The state-of-the-art technology we have designed at Creative Conferencing means we have done away with the old-fashioned restriction of having to book conference calls in advance.

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Use the same dial in number and access codes for every call you make

Creative Conferencing gives you one, permanent conference call phone number. Many companies want you to use a new phone number and access code for each and every conference call. We think that is confusing, so we give you your own number and access codes that are always there for you, each and every time you want to make a conference call. It is very convenient and we call it your MeetingSpace number. As your MeetingSpace number is always the same, we can personalise the welcome prompt, so your participants hear your company name announced when they join your conference.

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Cost effective flat rate across Europe

You only pay for the calls you make – it’s as simple as that. With Creative Conferencing, there are no hidden charges. It is free to open an account and you can add additional users at no extra cost. We offer highly competitive pricing, with a choice of dial in numbers (0870, 0800, 0844, 0845, 0871, 0207/0208, , European national rate, international toll and toll free) and offer a flat conference rate across Europe. On average our charges are 30-40% less expensive than our competitors.

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Click to Conference dial out option

Click to Conference is an effortless, alternative way for your conference participants to join your conference. Rather than the conventional way of dialing your MeetingSpace number and entering your participant AccessCode, all they do is click on your Click to Conference link. This will take them to a screen where they will be asked to give their contact details together with the telephone number of where they want to be called. Our operators will then automatically dial out to them and place them into your conference at the agreed time.
Please note: Click to Conference is not a standard account feature. To activate this on your account please contact us

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Use Creative Conferencing EVENT for your high profile conference calls

Creative Conferencing EVENT provides a fully managed professional audio and web conferencing service that can be tailored to any size of event, whether it be for investor relations calls, press and analyst briefings, internal training requirements or company announcements.

Our service delivery team are highly trained and experienced in the management of executive level events and the services which can be undertaken are as follows:

  • Custom web based event registration service
  • Personal answering of all callers if required
  • Capturing participants details
  • Rapid participant list production
  • Automated conference entry or operator assisted
  • Operator moderation of the conference including participant count, conference start announcement, introduction of speakers etc.)
  • Mode control (presentation mode/interactive mode)
  • Operator dial-out to other parties
  • Web delivered PowerPoint presentations (operator managed or client managed)
  • Management of Q & A sessions
  • Voting
  • Digital conference recording - supply of conference recording in either WMA, CD or cassette format
  • REPLAY Service - separate dial-in number for attendees who could not attend live, to listen in to the meeting later. The system allows the listening party to control the recording from any touch tone telephone in a similar way to accessing a voicemail.
  • Fast transcription and translation services
  • No cancellation charges or no-show fees
  • Meeting administration services
  • Choice of national and international toll or toll free access

Next time you need to arrange a high profile conference call, let Creative Conferencing be your partner of choice.

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Book Legal conference calls

Creative Conferencing offers a range of conference call services that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the legal profession including:

  • Case management calls
  • Tribunals
  • Easy booking by email, phone or fax
  • Instant web based call scheduling and matter number capture
  • Dial out service to solicitors and judges
  • Conference recording
  • Transcription service
  • Operator assistance anytime throughout call
  • Itemised billing
  • No minimum charge

Many top law firms around Europe are already enjoying the benefits of Creative Conferencing’s legal service and have typically found they have made significant cost savings due to our advanced itemised billing capabilities.

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Schedule instant one-off conferences on the web

Your Creative Conferencing reservationless conferencing account is always available to use at anytime without the need to schedule the conference in advance. However as an account holder you can also schedule one-off or regular repeating conferences in the members area of our website, using your existing dial in number but generating separate access codes. You can assign a name or matter number/cost code to the conference for easy identification on your monthly bill and notify your conference participants of the meeting by email and SMS. These one-off conferences are ideal for project group meetings or if you require additional conference security for calls of a highly sensitive nature.

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Record, playback, download or stream your conference

As a Creative Conferencing account holder you can record your conference by pressing #7 whilst on a conference call and following the audio prompts. All conference recordings are automatically uploaded to the members area of our web site where there are a number of options available to you:

  • Download
    This will download your recording to your PC. The default file format is Windows Media Player (.WMA)
  • Upload
    This allows you to upload any audio file of your choice from your local PC and save it in your recordings list in the members area on the website. When this option is selected, the recording file will appear at the top of your recordings list in red, indicating that it has automatically been activated on the REPLAY service for 7 days.
  • Request CD or Tape Copy
    This will request that a copy is sent to you in 2 working days. A dialogue box will ask you how many copies you require and to confirm your address. This information will be emailed to our Customer Service team with a copy to you also.
  • Request Transcription
    This will order a transcription that is sent to you in 2 working days. It will be a MS Word document transcribed from the recorded audio file.
  • Set up Streaming Session
    This will enable the host to create the capability for anyone to visit an area of our website to stream the audio of the selected conference. When selected, this option returns the URL that your participants need to go to and the reference number for the recording chosen.
  • Set up REPLAY Recording
    This will allow you to create the capability for anyone of your choice to dial into the REPLAY service to hear your recorded audio conference or specific message address live through their telephone. When selected, this option returns the dial in details to access the service. All you then need to do is send these details together with your participant AccessCode to the people you wish to hear your recording. Participants can then dial in at any time to hear the recording at their leisure. The default is for the recording to be available for 7 days, but you do have the option to extend this is you require. In your recordings list, the recording that is currently active on the REPLAY service is highlighted in red. Once the REPLAY period has expired, the conference host will automatically receive an After REPLAY Email which gives details on how many people accessed the recording, the time and date of access, the length of time they listened to it and the cost.
  • Erase Recording
    This will permanently remove the recording from the system. Please note that all recordings are automatically deleted after 6 months, so don’t forget to download your recordings, if you need a permanent copy.

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Change user preferences online

Your Creative Conferencing account is set up with a number of default conference options, for example name record on conference entry, call ends on host hang-up and allow host recording. Account holders can change these settings to suit their personal requirements in the members area of our website.

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Creative Conferencing is an established provider of the highest quality global audio conferencing solutions, currently servicing a client base ranging from SME’s to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Creative Conferencing has helped many organisations by supplying a market leading, state of the art solution to their conferencing requirements. This has enabled our clients to stay at the cutting edge of audio, web & video conferencing.

The team at Creative Conferencing has over a decades experience in providing full-service, customer-focused conferencing solutions. We know what is effective and we have the expertise to assist our clients to enhance their productivity & increase cost effectiveness for their business.

With more and more focus on the environment, the use of audio, web & video conferencing also plays a major part in cutting down on travel and CO2 emissions by bringing teams together virtually and effortlessly over the phone & web.

Present clients who benefit from using our state of the art service include Connaught Plc, NHS Shared Health Authorities, NHS Primary Care Trusts, Innospec Inc, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries, Scotland IS, Furukawa Electrics to name just a few.

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