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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where we list some of the Frequently Asked Questions that come our way. If you are looking for information that you haven't found so far on the site, it may well be here...

1. What is a conference call?

A conference call is a telephone call in which more than two people take part. Technology today means that the total number of people who can take part in a single conference call can be very large - as many as 10,000 people have attended an individual call from all parts of the world.

Conference calls typically replace face to face meetings for groups of people, typically between 5 and 10 in number. Companies all over the UK use them as a quick, cost effective and efficient way to communicate when it is difficult or expensive to get everyone together in the same room.

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2. How does a conference call work?

You do not need any other equipment than your standard phone, either fixed line or mobile phone. Some people use specially designed loudspeaker conference phones if there is more than one person at each location, but the common practice is for each individual to dial in using their own phone.

A conference call utilises standard public telephone networks and can be made from any phone, in any place around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The technology behind the Conference Call Service is a high grade switch that enables all the lines coming into a conference to be at the same volume and ensures that people can speak at the same time without delays or clipping, even if they are the other side of the world. What it means is that the call is almost as if the participants were in the same room.

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3. Do I have to sign a contract?

There are no contracts for you to sign as a Creative Conferencing customer.

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4. Are there any monthly fees to pay?

For our audio services, everything is pay as you go – there are no monthly fees.

For our web conferencing Glance service, you can choose pay as you go or a monthly subscription with unlimited usage.

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5. How do I open an account?

You can Register Online.

Or call Customer Service +44 1895 876510

Or Email

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6. Why use conference calls?

Conference calls are an improvement on face-to-face meetings in many ways. With old fashioned meetings, the participants had to waste time and spend a great deal of money on travel and accommodation in order to attend the meeting. Apart from the wasted time away from work, face-to-face meetings tend to be longer and less productive than conference calls.

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7. How do I make a conference call?

As a Creative Conferencing account holder, you are issued with an iTalk telephone number and a Host and a Participant AccessCode. To make a conference call you dial your iTalk number and then when prompted enter the Host AccessCode. This begins your conference call. Your participants will enter your Participant AccessCode to join you.

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8. Do I have to call you to book a call each time I want to use your service?

If you are using your usual Creative Conferencing account then there is no need to advise us when you want to have a conference call.

If, however, you would like us to manage an event call for you or you have any special call requirements (e.g. recordings/playback functions), then please call us on +44 1895 876510.

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9. Why Would I Ever Need to Schedule a Conference Call?

With a Creative Conferencing account you can use the service without reservation or scheduling at any time. However you can schedule one-off, or regular repeating conferences as an additional facility on your account. You would schedule a call, if you wanted to create a set of one off codes valid only for that meeting, or you wanted to record a specific cost centre or meeting title to be associated with the one off call.

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10. What is an iTalk number?

This is the telephone number you dial to get to access your conference. Within the UK, it can be an 0870, 0845 or 0800 number. For callers from overseas, we have a number of options. Please contact us for details.

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11. What is an AccessCode?

There are two types you need to be aware of 1) Host AccessCode, and 2) Participant AccessCode.

1) Host AccessCode:
If you are the account holder, to start a conference call you need to dial your iTalk number and then when prompted dial the Host AccessCode. This begins your conference call.

2) Participant AccessCode:
If you are a participant, to join a conference call you will need to dial the iTalk number and then when prompted enter the Participant AccessCode into the keypad. If a participant dials in before the host joins, they will hear music until the host enters the call.

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12. How can a participant join a conference call?

If you are a participant, to join a conference call you will need to dial the iTalk number and then when prompted enter the Participant AccessCode into the keypad. If you are early for the meeting you will hear hold music until the Host arrives to start the meeting.

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13. Are there any other conference call features I should know about?

There are several conference controls that you as a host or a participant can use to enhance your conference call experience:

All Participants can:

  • *0 Calls the Creative Conferencing operator
  • *4 Adjusts the call volume
  • *6 Mute/unmutes your line

The Host can:

  • #1 Roll call of attendees
  • #2 Counts number of participants
  • *2 Stops audio message for above
  • #9 Turns off “disconnect of host hang up”
  • *5 Locks/unlocks the conference for privacy
  • *7 Interactive/presentation mode
  • #7 Record conference (follow prompts)

Host Dial Out

  • #3 Audio dial out (dial full STD number then #)
  • #3 Audio dial out (dial full STD number then #)
  • #4 Returns only the host to the conference

We also offer 'Operator Assistance' where one of our representatives attends your conference and assists in the smooth running, and 'Conference Replay' which allows you to make a digital recording of the call. For more information, please contact us.

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14. I am running a big conference call - can you help me manage the call?

Yes, we can manage your entire event for you. Please contact us.

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15. My phone can’t send DTMF tones – how can I join my conference?

Dial your ITalk number and when prompted to enter your access code just hold the line. After a short wait you will be connected to an operator who will be able to help you. Alternatively contact us and we can arrange to dial out to you at the allotted time.

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16. Does Skype or Similar VOIP Telephone Services Work with Creative Conferencing?

Skype and many other VOIP services can dial in to a conference call, but these services do not generally transmit the DTMF tones required to accept your AccessCode. You will therefore be unable to automatically enter your conference however, an operator will be happy to connect you to your call.

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17. How do I record a conference? How can I listen to the recording?

As a conference host you can initiate a recording yourself by pressing #7 during your call. When the recording is finished you can contact us to have your recording sent to you as a Windows Media File, a CD or tape from us. We can also arrange a replay service so that your recording can be accessed by you or others by dialing in at any time to hear the recording.

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18. How do I know that my conference call is secure?

There are a number of facilities you can use to ensure that your iTalk is private. These include being able to lock your conference and implement a roll call of the participants. The User Guide has full details of these options. If you want to change your security settings on your account, or alter your AccessCode, please contact us.

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19. How do I lock my conference?

Your conference call can be locked for security purposes once all of your expected participants have joined. This can be activated by pressing *5 (host only).

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20. How can I find out who was on my conference?

During the conference, the host can press #1 to listen to a roll call of attendees.

Whilst we do not capture attendees’ names on a normal automated conference call, callers’ telephone numbers are captured (as long as their number is not withheld). These will appear on the detail of your conference report which can be requested. If you require a participant list for your call, please contact us prior to the call so that we can discuss the best way to deal with this for you.

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21. Can I turn off the name announcements for people entering my account?

Yes – Please contact us to change the parameters of your account.

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22. I have people who want to dial in from outside of the UK – how do I get numbers for them to dial?

You will be given a +44 number as standard for international calls but there are a wide range of alternative options available to you to give to your participants globally. Please contact us and we will explain the various options to you.

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23. Which countries do Creative Conferencing cover?

We can offer local dial in numbers for various countries around the world. Our Global Network is expanding all the time so please contact us for details on the countries for which we have dial in numbers.

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24. I would like a personalised prompt for my account is this possible?

We can arrange this for you. Please contact us us with your requirements and for details of pricing.

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25. Can I share data during my conference?

Yes you can using Creative Glance.

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26. What is Creative Glance?

Creative Glance is a simple but powerful collaboration tool that allows you to share your PC screen and any application that you are running on it, live, to one or many people over the internet, instantly, simply and securely. Click here for more details.

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Creative Conferencing is an established provider of the highest quality global audio conferencing solutions, currently servicing a client base ranging from SME’s to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Creative Conferencing has helped many organisations by supplying a market leading, state of the art solution to their conferencing requirements. This has enabled our clients to stay at the cutting edge of audio, web & video conferencing.

The team at Creative Conferencing has over a decades experience in providing full-service, customer-focused conferencing solutions. We know what is effective and we have the expertise to assist our clients to enhance their productivity & increase cost effectiveness for their business.

With more and more focus on the environment, the use of audio, web & video conferencing also plays a major part in cutting down on travel and CO2 emissions by bringing teams together virtually and effortlessly over the phone & web.

Present clients who benefit from using our state of the art service include Connaught Plc, NHS Shared Health Authorities, NHS Primary Care Trusts, Innospec Inc, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries, Scotland IS, Furukawa Electrics to name just a few.

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