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Ever wanted to show your remote colleagues exactly what you are looking at on your screen whilst on your audio conference call? Creative Glance provides a one-click service that allows you to share your PC screen and any application that you are running on it live, to between 2-100 people over the internet, instantly, simply and securely. It is a download based, firewall friendly application where participants need only a browser.

Not only is the Creative Glance service extremely simple to use, it is highly cost effective with two flexible ways to pay for the service. For the smaller users there is a pay as you go service that charges a pence per minute cost just like the Creative Audio Conferencing service. For more frequent users there is the option of paying a monthly unlimited usage charge.

For more information on the features & charges of the service or to arrange a demonstration, please contact your dedicated account manager on +44 1895 876510 or contact us

Using Creative Glance

If you already have an audio conferencing account with Creative Conferencing, this gives you automatic access to Creative Glance. To use Creative Glance you just need to download the host application to your PC. You only need to do this once, and it is not necessary for the people viewing your screen to do this.

  1. The file download box will now appear. Select Run and the software will download.
  2. When the download has reached 100% the installation Wizard will begin automatically.
  3. When the application has installed and you have accepted the software license you will have a small Glance icon on your desktop system tray. By double clicking on this icon it will bring up the sign in box.
  4. You will then need to enter in your Glance address.
  5. You will now be ready to host your Glance session.

Full details of how to download, install and use Glance are included in our User Guide.

System Requirements

Please confirm your system's compatibility. To run Creative Glance, your computer must have:

  • Microsoft Windows™ 95 / 98 / ME / NT 4.0 SP6 / 2000 / XP
  • Pentium 100 MHz or higher
  • 32MB RAM or more
  • Internet Explorer™ 5.0 or higher, or Netscape 4.0™ or higher
  • An Internet connection (a broadband connection or better works best)
  • Creative Glance desktop software (downloadable from the Creative website Web Conferencing Area)

Please Note: If you are installing software on a Windows NT or 2000 machine and you do not have administrator rights please consult the FAQ section or alternatively contact us

If you encounter any problems connecting with your network configuration and it is not covered in our FAQ section, please let us know by calling us on +44 1895 876510


Creative Conferencing is an established provider of the highest quality global audio conferencing solutions, currently servicing a client base ranging from SME’s to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Creative Conferencing has helped many organisations by supplying a market leading, state of the art solution to their conferencing requirements. This has enabled our clients to stay at the cutting edge of audio, web & video conferencing.

The team at Creative Conferencing has over a decades experience in providing full-service, customer-focused conferencing solutions. We know what is effective and we have the expertise to assist our clients to enhance their productivity & increase cost effectiveness for their business.

With more and more focus on the environment, the use of audio, web & video conferencing also plays a major part in cutting down on travel and CO2 emissions by bringing teams together virtually and effortlessly over the phone & web.

Present clients who benefit from using our state of the art service include Connaught Plc, NHS Shared Health Authorities, NHS Primary Care Trusts, Innospec Inc, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries, Scotland IS, Furukawa Electrics to name just a few.

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